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Contact Lens Exams & Fittings

Everyone’s eyes are different, and so are their visual needs. As a result, everyone’s eyes react differently to contact lenses, making a comprehensive eye exam and fitting an important part of the process for safely wearing contact lenses. Barrhaven Optometric is committed to helping you find the perfect contact lenses for you and your eyes.

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Getting Your Contact Lenses

Step 1: Contact Lens Exam

Before we can prescribe you a pair of contact lenses, we will need to examine your eyes. During your exam, we will look for any eye conditions that could impact your ability to wear contact lenses, as well as determine your contact lens prescription. Your contact lens prescription is different than your eyeglass prescription.

Once we have determined that your eyes are suitable for contact lenses, we will measure your eyes to find lenses that fit you properly. Different types of contact lens fit differently, so we need to determine which style of contact lens will offer you the most comfort, stability and clarity.

Once we have determined which contact lenses we think will work best for you, we will send you home with a trial pair. You will use the trial pair for a few days to determine if they are working correctly and fit comfortably.

If you are happy with your contact lenses, we will write and fill your prescription. If your trial lenses aren’t quite right, you can return for a follow-up appointment, and we will try a new sample pair.

If you have a complex prescription or require custom contact lenses, you may need to go through several trial contact lenses before we find the perfect fit for you.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Some eyes require specialty contact lenses to meet their vision and comfort needs. Barrhaven Optometric is proud to offer a wide variety of specialty lenses including:

  • Scleral Contact Lenses. Scleral lenses are made of a gas permeable material and cover the entire white of the eye (the sclera). They are usually recommended for patients with irregular corneas or who suffer from dry eyes.
  • Aspheric Contact Lenses. Traditional spherical contact lenses are uniformly curved across their surface, which may cause light to scatter when it hits your retina, creating more than one focal point. Aspheric lenses have a gradient curve, which causes the light to bend towards a unified focal point, which can resulting in sharper vision.
  • Toric Contact Lenses. Toric lenses are used to correct astigmatism. Unlike spherical contact lenses, toric lenses are made with different prescriptions along the horizontal and vertical axes of the lens. Since toric lenses must be orientated in a specific manner, they are designed so they don’t rotate throughout the day.
  • Multifocal Contact Lenses. As the name suggests, multi-focal lenses offer different levels of correction on the same lens. They are commonly used to correct presbyopia: a condition that occurs as we age that affects our ability to focus on near objects. They work similarly to bifocal or multifocal eyeglasses.

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