Who do we fit?

  • Am I too young or too old for contacts?
  • Is my prescription too strong for contacts?
  • Are my eyes too sensitive or dry for contacts?

These are all questions our Doctors will determine before your fitting session. There is no age minimum or limit to wearing contacts. Specialized contacts are available in many modalities and powers and certain contacts help minimize the effects of dryness.

How do I get started?

At your routine eye examination, your doctor will measure your updated spectacle prescription. These measurements will be used along with discussing your expectations to determine which contact lenses are best for you. Different strengths, materials, brands and replacement schedules are customized to meet your visual needs.

What should I expect?

Your fitting and training appointment will take approximately one hour. You will meet with your Doctor who will determine the type of lens that will be fit. Your Doctor will make sure the trial lenses fit well and provide sharp vision, making any initial adjustments so you are ready to be trained the proper insertion and removal techniques.

You will then be introduced to your Contact Lens Instructor who will inform you of all the important facts for wearing, cleaning, and handling your new lenses. Your instructor will make sure you are capable of using common methods to insert and remove the lenses with confidence prior to leaving our office. Once comfortable with handling your new lenses, you will trial them for up to 1 month. You will be advised on proper initial wearing schedule and when to return for your follow-up.

What's Next?

After your designated trial period, you will return to meet with your Doctor to ensure your expectations are met or exceeded. Should there be a concern with clarity of vision, comfort of lenses of handling difficulties, adjustments or changes will be made at your follow-up appointment to rectify these concerns. 

Our goal is to ensure you have a successful contact lens experience and that your eyes are provided with the healthiest options available to ensure many years of enjoyable lens wear.