Spring into Fashion Eyewear!

Looking for a new pair of eyeglasses this year? Or just want to update your sunglasses to something trendier? You are in luck!  Eyewear continues to be one of the hottest fashion accessories for 2016.  Eyeglasses are popping up everywhere nowadays and have become accepted more widely than ever before. Models are strutting catwalks in non-prescription frames, celebrities adorn their faces with the latest sunglass designs and anyone who actually needs their glasses to see should embrace the new amount of variety in their choices. Gone are the days of having only a few options which did little to compliment your style, now each pair can completely transform the person who wears them. Here are some of the most current styles for 2016:


We have spent the last few years reaching back to the 1950s with the Rayban Wayfarer’s surge in popularity. But it’s time to move on to the hippie days of the 1960s and 1970s. The most coveted shape of this year is round. Think John Lennon, Twiggy and Jackie Kennedy for inspiration:

This trend is right on point with the newest fashions as well so break out the bellbottom jeans to match these Michael Kors Kendall II shades:

Guys and girls can try out the new updated Clubmaster sunglass from Rayban.  Modernize this shape with a fun colored mirror coating.

This shape translates well for prescription glasses as well. Clear lenses look great in a round frame. Women and men choose from the same collections in this androgynous style. Check out this Tom Ford model for the epitome of Geek Chic:


This ladies silhouette is rampant on the runway this year. A cat-eye shape has a sweeping shape on the outer corners. The amount of angle can vary offering something for everyone. Any amount of upward direction near your cheekbones is always flattering. If the dramatic shape is too intimidating to wear everyday then try it in a sunglass. It’s a lot easier to wear a bold sunglass!

How about this brand new model from the Fendi Runway:

Or this model from their eyeglass collection.  The colour makes the vintage shape more fresh and modern!

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