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One of the best things about working at Barrhaven Optometric Centre is the people we work alongside everyday.  Simply put, we are a family.  January marks a special milestone at BOC.  Our incredible optician, Heather Dignard, is celebrating her 10-year anniversary at our practice.  Heather has seen the clinic grow from a 4-doctor, 12-staff office to the 9-doctor, 27-staff member team we are today.  All of us who work with Heather rely on her extensive knowledge to fit the best eyewear for our patient’s needs.  Heather is supremely diligent, honest, and takes great pride in her role at BOC.  We congratulate her, we thank her, and we wish her continued success in the future.

To commemorate this occasion, I asked her a few questions about her time at BOC:

My first day at BOC?  Those who know me know that I have one of those memories that seems to make it difficult to remember what I had for dinner last night!   

I do remember Gord calling me out of the blue to see if I would be interested in coming to talk to him. We had just moved to Barrhaven, and I guess my brother-in-law sent word that I would be looking for a job closer to home.  I came in to meet with him, which was a very informal, but comfortable conversation over coffee in the staff room downstairs on Greenbank!  I went home thinking,  I hope this works out, because everything about the office, the staff, and the ‘boss’, just seemed right!  I had been home for all of 2 minutes and Gord called me back to offer me the job – which I of course happily accepted!

I’m pretty sure I spent most of my first day working with Laurel, and meeting all of the approximately 12 other staff members at that time!  Hard to believe how much we have grown!

There have been so many happy/funny/memorable moments with my BOC family!  From Lucie’s fun Christmas party games, Scott playing the ‘vacuum-bagpipe’, bagging frames for Lora Lee’s mission trip, ‘moving day’, Sens games, and of course our trips to various DEN/Eye Recommends events, like the beautiful Deerhust Resort!

One ‘memorable’ moment was about a week after I started.  My new boss – Lucie, sat down and asked me to adjust her frame for her.  Which I accidentally broke during the adjustment!  Ugh!!!!  Of course Lucie was very understanding and sweet about it.  (And, little did I know then just how extensive her eyewear collection was that she had several back-ups!)  But, mortifying in the moment for me to say the least!

My favourite part of being part of the BOC team is simply that it does feel like spending time with family each and every day.  During that very first meeting with Gord, he was very adamant that part of the core values that he and Lucie believed in at the time, was that Family always comes first.  I feel that same idea has continued on with our new partners & management team.  My family life includes a child with special needs, a child who is extremely busy in hockey, and as of late, a husband who is now a year into trying to recover from a severe concussion.  My BOC family has always had my back and have been nothing but supportive and accommodating for me.  For this I am extremely grateful and truly do consider them part of my fam!  

As an optician, I could do my ‘job’ anywhere.  But it would never be the same as it is here.  Here, I get to do a job I love to do, with great friends, and we do tend to have great patients as well.

I am very thankful to have called BOC my home for the last decade!

(And very grateful to Gord, for giving a very pregnant optician a chance way back then!)


Many Thanks!

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