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September marks a special milestone at BOC.  We have two staff members who are celebrating their 15th year in the practice.  As a doctor and co-owner of the clinic, I cannot say enough good things about these ladies.  They work quietly behind the scenes to make our days run smoothly and I am proud to have them as part of my work family.

To commemorate this occasion, I asked them a few questions about their time at BOC:

Leigh Payeur – Leigh started at our office September 3rd, 2002.  She has worked in various departments in the office – administration, pre-testing patients, operating visual fields, and fitting and dispensing eyewear and contact lenses.  Today, Leigh is our optical frame buyer and lab assistant.  With her unique style and eye for fashion, Leigh hand-picks our beautiful, high-quality frames and sunglasses for our optical.  She is also responsible for managing inventory and works closely with her colleagues to ensure our patients receive fantastic products and warranties for any necessary repairs.  Congratulations Leigh!

Leigh, tell me about your 1st day at BOC:

Wow, my first day at BOC?? That was 15 years ago and I’m an old lady now!! Like any first day, I’m sure I was a little intimidated, though the staff, office and number of partners was much smaller than it is now. I was really happy to be here because it meant working close to home and my then LITTLE girls; Maddison (3 ½ years) and Zoe (1 year)!  Monique was the one who primarily trained me on BOC procedures and I remember her being very patient. I was eager to show everyone the skills and knowledge I brought with me from my previous jobs in the industry. 

What is one of your fondest memories of your years at BOC?

I’ve had soooo many fond and fun memories over the past 15 years; it’s hard to pick one.  Many of them come from our off-site staff events.  Definitely one to remember (that still comes up today) is the whole conversation during a dinner with Dr. McIntosh and other staff members where he very seriously explained the origins of the word ‘Shoebootie’.  Still makes me laugh years later!

Another memory of note has to be my buying trip to Montreal with Laurel to purchase stock for the new office.  It symbolized my official status as a BOC frame buyer and not just something I did when time permitted between patients. It is now part of my job and title, and an exciting one at that!

What is your favourite thing about being part of the BOC team?

I don’t even have to think about what my favorite thing is about being part of the BOC team.  After all these years, I love the sense of comfort and familiarity from all the people around me.  This includes patients who’ve been coming to our office for years (many even before my time!) and remember me and ask to see me, the sales reps with whom I’ve built rapport and friendship, and above all, the colleagues that I love to kid around with and can totally be myself with – day in and day out.  You can’t put a price on that! ♡


Lorri Valiquette – Lorri joined our clinic September 16th, 2002.  Today, she is a vital part of our reception team at BOC.  You will see her familiar and friendly face as you walk through the door! As Lorri’s colleagues will tell you – Lorri is reliable, hard-working and a steadfast friend.  She answers phones, books appointments, processes payments, and efficiently checks-in and checks-out patients.  Although all these tasks keep her busy, Lorri is never too busy to share a laugh with her co-workers.  Congratulations Lorri!

Lorri, tell me about your 1st day at BOC:

I really don’t remember details – just being nervous and learning lots from my co-workers Monique and Lynn.


What is your fondest or funniest memory from your time at BOC?


My funniest memory was the day a lady walked into the office and she said, “Hi, how are you?”  I said, “I’m good thanks, how are you?” Oddly, she didn’t end up answering me.  She then went over to sit in the waiting room chairs in front of my desk and said, “How was your day?” I replied, “It’s been good, how was yours?” Meanwhile, my colleague Brenda beside me is busting up laughing.  I look at her confused.  Brenda says, “Lorri, I think she is talking to her kid, not you!”  However, I didn’t see her kid with her (LOL!) but the lady looked like she was looking right at me when she was talking to her child.  We still laugh about this a lot!


What is your favourite thing about being part of the team at BOC?


It’s the friendships I have acquired from working here.  I met my best friend Monique here and I am good friends with many others on staff.  The easy times talking with co-workers makes it very fun and pleasant and we share some good laughs together along the way!


On behalf of the owners of BOC, Scott, Trevor and I would like to thank Leigh & Lorri for their years of service to the patients of our community and for the friendships we have developed over the last fifteen years.  We look forward to continued success with you as part of our amazing team!


Lora Lee

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